Polytech Services Company

StaClean insulator coating
Electrical porcelain repairs for insulators, bushings, etc.
Generator bushing refurbishing and repair
replacement insulators and bushings
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Specializing in electrical insulator and bushing repair, insulator replacement and duplication, and insulator and wind turbine blade StacClean coatings.

  • Electrical porcelain repairs - insulators, bushings, etc - exclusive process for field or factory , since 1983
This technology is available for licensing: Contact us for details
  • Providing replacements for obsolete porcelains - insulators, bushings, etc duplicated, since 1985

  • StaClean non permeable coatings since 1979.
      • For insulator permanent anti contamination since 1979
      • For ice release on wind turbine blades since 1988
      • For anti corrosion coating on steel structure field
        application since 1997

  • Polymer ceramic replacements for porcelain bushings, line and post insulator, lightning arrestors

  • Distributed generation consultants: Residential

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